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January 2009

Grow Together



By Jon Letman
Photos Jon Letman

There you are, standing in line at the register waiting to have your chicken Caesar salad scanned. You look down and ask yourself, “Where did this come from?” Romaine lettuce from California, tomatoes from Texas, croutons from Ohio, and the chicken? Who knows?

The uncomfortable reality is, without a steady supply of cheap oil, around 90 percent of the store-bought food consumed in Hawaii wouldn’t get here. If the ships stop coming, we no mo food.

Glenn Hontz, an instructor working under a USDA grant at Kaua`i
 Community College (KCC) wants to change that.

Two years ago Hontz and KCC faculty started a community gardens training program to teach people how to garden organically at home or as part of a community garden. The program was founded on the simple premise that people in Hawaii are best served when they eat food from plants grown in Hawaii.… Read More

Don’t Let The Bugs Bug You


Don’t let the bugs bug you
By Joan Namkoong
Photo by John Cox

    If you’re as squeamish as I am, you don’t like to see a bug—dead or alive—amongst your salad greens. Even more disarming is a worm floating to the surface of a boiling pot of water that is blanching your kale. Eeeeks!
    But I’ve learned not to let the bugs bug me—something we as consumers all need to digest, figuratively and literally.
    Let’s face it: Insects, bugs and worms are a part of farming and they have to eat too. Caterpillars find kale, cabbages, broccoli and other leafy greens as delicious as we do. Aphids love lettuces. All of these critters can make holes in leafy greens, evidence that they have been there. They don’t change the taste of the greens, just the appearance.
Farmers try to remove all bugs and worms from greens before they reach the consumer.… Read More


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