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February 2010

Banana Leaf Salad with Green Mango

By John Cox

You should look for the large red blossoms with tender leaves.  First peel away the outermost leaves, exposing the thin pliable leaves below.   Peel away the leaves separating them from the stamens between.   Stack the young leaves on top of each other to form stacks of a dozen or so.  Discard everything but the most desirable inner leaves.  Roll the stack that you have created into a cigar like bundle- then carefully chiffonade (thinly shave), to create fine strips.  Place the cut leaves into a bowl filled with 1 quart cold water mixed with 1/4 cup salt and 2 cups of lime juice.   This will prevent the leaves from discoloring and help to leach out some of their bitterness.

1 Banana Blossom (prepared as above then strained prior to mixing salad)

1 large globe mango- still green (shaved thinly)

12 mint leaves

12 cilantro leaves

12 Thai basil leaves

1 small Maui onion (shaved thinly)

4 tbs toasted and crushed macadamia nuts

1 avocado – diced


1 cup coconut vinaigrette (1 cup fresh coconut milk, 1 cup lime juice, 1 lime leaf, 2 Hawaiian chile peppers, 4 gloves garlic, 2 tbs brown cane sugar, 2 tbs fish sauce, 1 tsp sesame oil, 1 tbs chopped ginger root, 1 tsp chopped lemongrass). … Read More