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November 2013, Page 2

Who Wants Seconds by: Jennie Cook


My Darling Cabbage by Jennie Cook

There’s a French term of endearment, “mon petite chou,” which translates to “my little cabbage” and implies “my little darling.” It’s a funny expression. I don’t think of the darlings in my life as cruciferous vegetables, but then again, we’re not talking about just any vegetable. We’re talking about cabbage, the star of the cabbage patch, the amazing heavyweight head.

 It cannot be denied—cabbage is a compact powerhouse, the sturdiest of the brassica family. An average head of cabbage weighs between two and three pounds (that’s easily fifteen servings) and keeps a ridiculously long time in the crisper. It can get bitter as it ages, and it takes on a radish-like spiciness, but even then, it remains delicious.

 Cabbage is typically available year-round at the farmers’ markets in one variety or another. I’m a big fan of Napa cabbage for salads, spring rolls, and noodle dishes.… Read More