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January 2014

Eating in #Madrid #Spain

Having family with us definitely slowed us down a bit on the gastronomic trail, but nothing to worry about. We ate at many little local places, serving local fare,one of the recommended places we did make it to was a popular local seafood restaurant.Combarro – Sanxenxo.

Considered two of the best representatives of high Galician cuisine in Madrid.

The Combarro Sanxenxo restaurants have set the standard of Galician cuisine in Madrid since 1973, when Manuel Dominguez Limeres opened the first of two restaurants, devoted to the best Galician fish and shellfish that quickly positioned them as having the the best quality and freshness in the careful preperation of their dishes. Today the restaurant group is run by his son Diego Dominguez, he has been newly appointed president of the Association of Young Restaurants of Spain,

When you walk in the door, you are standing on a glass floor, overlooking an aquarium, perfect for the three yeard old with us.… Read More

Next Stop #Madrid #Spain

We are nearing the end of this very long trip, last stop in Europe is Madrid, Spain

We have family meeting us here, we are at the very beautiful Villa Magna This award winning elegant hotel was the perfect place to end this very long adventure. The service is impeccable, and our rooms beautiful. Situated about a ten minute walk from the center, which was bustling with holiday visitors, this area was great for walking and shopping.

Breakfast every morning.

One member of the family had to experience the Carrousel each time we walked by it.




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On The Way To Madrid, Lunch in Burgos

We stopped at the Hotel Landa on our way to Madrid for lunch, the grounds are beautiful. As we were about to leave, our waiter insisted we take a look at the pool…. we looked at each other eye brows raised and said oh well ok>



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Last Dinner in San Sebastián #ARZAK

This journey the past six weeks has been filled with culinary surprises, ARZAK is no exception. This family house has been in the forefront of innovation through contrasting eras for more then 100 years.


My food arrived on this screen in montion….

This is plate after I ate everything. (Video coming soon)

This exquisite restaurant or house as they call it is run by Elena and her father Juan Mari Arzak. We were delighted that Elena was there to greet us, whith her charm and grace, she asked if she could adjust our menu choices, so that we would have a better understanding of what has been built here.

A signature cuisine with a distinct personality, there is obvious attention paid the Basque roots of this cuisine, they the family feels strongly about protecting. While at the same time, research is a critical factor to this creative, evolutionary cusine, not a cuisine which dies of success, but a cuisine which needs to continuously moving forward to avoid becoming stale.… Read More