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March 2014

On The Road – Oahu – @TurtleBayResort #Pipeline

The North Shore of Oahu, we are staying in a cottage right on the beach at Turtle Bay Resort. Lots to do here, golf, horseback riding, helicopter tours, large gym with ocean views, beautiful spa and lets not forget surfing. We love the cottages because we are right on the beach, like being in your own little private Hawaii.

Below is good night and good morning view from the cottage, with beach beyond the ground cover, so perfect.


We went to Pipeline yesterday, the waves were awesome, even caught a body surfing contest, see below.

Like Shrimp, go to the source, hang a left out of the hotel, head down the road you will see a dozen or so places to stop for fresh shrimp, right along side of the shrimp farms.
We had garlic shrimp and butter & lemon shrimp… at Giovanni's




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On The Road – Oahu

We decided to make a trip to the North Shore of Oahu, check out the waves at some of the most famous surf beaches in the world. More then seven miles long, the North Shore Beaches see the world’s premier surfing contests during the winter months. I love just sitting and watching these amazing waves. Look for photos here tomorrow, we’ll let you know what’s happening.

Below, flying into Oahu.

Driving up to the North Shore, it’s lunch time, we need a place to eat. Everything looks packed, so we keep driving. Lucky us we come across Haleiwa Joes Seafood Grill. Here is where you can view the harbor, the food is great, you can even dress in your beachwear – this is where locals dine and visitors enjoy heaping portions of Aloha.
The staff is awesome, and alwas smiling.
Below is fresh marlin taco, caught by local fishermen. The spicy edamame was great and a must to share.… Read More

Just Opened: Meatball Hawaii – Biting Commentary

The fact that Chef Robert McGee opened a place called Meatball is probably the most perfect thing ever. A chef and butcher from West New York making meatballs? And that he’s making meatballs in Honolulu, a decidedly meatball-less city?

Downright brilliant.


Read more by: Kawehi Haug  Just Opened: Meatball Hawaii – Biting Commentary – March 2014 – Honolulu, HI.

  Just Opened: Meatball Hawaii – Biting Commentary – March 2014 – Honolulu, HI.

We love Meatballs!



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Eating On Kauai – Roy Yamaguchi – The Tavern at Princeville

Eating On #Lunch #Kauai – #RoyYamaguchi – #The Tavern at #Princeville

The Tavern at Princeville is one of our favorite places for dinner, today however we are talking LUNCH. The restaurant has an amazing view of the Prince golf course all the way out to the ocean. I was with a few friends who had only been there for dinner, they were taken by the view. They were then taken by the food.

When you sit down, you are greeted with a bowl of fresh popped pop corn, with some yummy spices mixed in. If what you order does not come with the Tavern Frites (Parmesan & Herb Fries), be sure to order one for the table.

The BLTA sandwich is a MUST.


Another MUST is the local fresh tuna sandwich.

According to Roy, The Tavern is based on memories of his grandfather who had a tavern on Maui, grandpa Herny's tavern was a gathering place for the community.… Read More

Why Foodies Should Visit Chattanooga: We Asked a Chef

 #Chattanooga’s best restaurants according to chef Daniel Lindley

Courtesy: Daniel Lindley
Courtesy: Daniel Lindley

—cooking with Tom Colicchio at Gramercy Tavern. “Working under Colicchio as a 22-year-old cook was likely the best and most inspiring learning environment,” says Lindley. Today, the Chattanooga, Tennessee native mans the kitchen at St. John’s Restaurant, where he has made a name for himself as a five-time-semifinalist for Best Chef in the Southeast by the James Beard Foundation.

Read more by:Kate Parham    

We Asked a Chef : Condé Nast Traveler.

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Monumental Mochi: A morning at Hilos famous Two Ladies Kitchen

Monumental Mochi: A morning at Hilos famous Two Ladies Kitchen

You didn’t pre-order?”

As she says this, the woman behind the counter at Two Ladies Kitchen stares at me in disbelief. A line of customers winds behind me and out of the small downtown Hilo mochi shop and onto the sidewalk alongside bustling Kilauea Avenue.

“You have to pre-order. They sell out,” she scolds, gently.

Monumental Mochi 4Monumental Mochi 5

Click to read the rest of the story by: Catherine E. Toth | HAWAII Magazine 

Photos: James Rubio for HAWAII Magazine


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Eating On Kauai – Verde Hawaii – Mexican

If your craving #Mexican food, and your on #Kauai, look no further. And today is #Tequila #Tuesday.


Located in a tiny strip mall on the east side, #Kapaa Town, you'll know your there, as there is usually a line out the door. The restaurant is busy and happy, everyone is having a great time, including the staff. The portions are large, so be prepared to be pleasantly full.

We like to do take-out here also, so if you live on Kauai or have a condo… go for it.

Maris, the owner and her staff have just celebrated their 6th anniversary… Congratulations!

The tacos are amazing, many believe it's the best fish taco on the island. The menu is great, you will want everything on it.

To read more, and to see the menu, click here Verde Hawaii

Aloha to Maris and the crew.


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After An Extreme Winter, #Hawaii Emerges As The “Go-To” Place To Go


Photo: G. Natale
Photo: G. Natale

HONOLULU – Hawaii may be America’s 50th state, but it’s number-one in the hearts of U.S. travelers as revealed in a recent poll conducted for the top luxury tour operator Tauck by Reuters/Ipsos. More than twenty percent of respondents in the poll picked Hawaii as the place they would visit if neither time or money were a concern, more than doubling the percentage of people who selected Australia/New Zealand, the second most popular destination in the survey. Rounding out the top five dream destinations, in descending order, were Alaska, Great Britain/Ireland, and Italy.

The popularity of Hawaii isn’t surprising, according to Tauck CEO Dan Mahar, because while its climate is certainly appealing to the winter-weary, it offers far more than sunny beaches and a respite from this year’s unusually harsh weather. “This year is Tauck’s 50th anniversary offering tours in Hawaii, so we know first-hand that Hawaii really has it all,” said Mahar.… Read More

Kauai Juice Co. cold pressed – local – organic

If you live on #Kauai your a lucky one, another reason your are lucky is because you have Kauai Juice Co.

This is a photo of the top shelf of my fridge.

Whether you want to do a juice cleanse or simply want amazing delicious, local, organic, cold pressed, fresh juice to add to your daily routine, check them out. Kristal the owner, is very knowledgable and her staff is awesome.

My husband and I are fans of juicing for a couple of days several times a year, especially after holidays or when we have had four weeks of house guests. What makes it easy is that it’s all there in our fridge numbered for the day and ready to go. This is not for everyone, so be sure to check it out throughly before doing it. Krystal, the owner is a good guide if you want to talk to her.… Read More