Notable Edibles Summer 2008


Hank’s Haute Dogs:Who the hell is Hank? This is the first thing you see when you go to the kahuna page on Hanks website. Hank is Henry Adaniya a prominent restaurateur from Chicago and owner of Trio, his world-renowned restaurant. He has now moved from fine dining to fast food, focusing on his family roots here in developing Hank’s. The hot dog is an edible icon, that everyone can savor. The dogs come in all breeds, from a classic HANK’S Frank, a classic Chicago all beef hot dog with the famous snap – and all the fixins you can imagine, a CHILI DOG, with Hank’s homemade chili, to a NO DOG for the vegetarians, that sounds amazing, to the exotic daily specials that include, Lobster, Alligator, Kobe Beef even Duck and Foi Gras. Everything is homemade, including bistro style French fries, liliko`i lime soda, and on Friday and Saturday nights, there is even truffle macaroni and cheese. This is slow fast food at it’s best.
Hank’s Haute Dogs
324 Coral Street, in Kaka`ako
808.532.HANK •


When visitingWaimea, be sure to check out Aunty Lilikoi’s, here you will find an array of hand made products all with Liliko`i (passionfruit) as the ingredient.With many awards for these delicious creations, some favorites are Passion FruitWasabi Mustard, a variety of Passhion Fruit Jellies, like Passion Mango and Passion Guava, Passion Fruit Teriyaki Sauce, even Passion Fruit bath and body products. On the islands, the use of “Aunty” is an expression of Aloha and respect for any woman of their parents’ generation. Aunty Liliko`i Products are all hand made with aloha. You can also order on line.
9875Waimea Road
toll free: 866.LILIKOI

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At Hale Akua Garden Farm, the mission is to promote action that restores and maintains the health of our planet through sustainable gardening practices. Their teachigns incorporate the ancient wisdom of the Hawaiian people and their extensive knowledge about cultivating the native Hawaiian herbs, flowers and vegetables. On their website you can find a list of workshops, classes and events, or scheduled tours. Hale Akua Garden Farm is is an HOFA Certified
Organic Farm.

Hawaii Island

Hilo Bay Café One wouldn’t think of going to Hilo for a good meal, least of all to a place next to a typical fast food court in a shopping center. But Kim Snuggerood’s Hilo Bay Café stands out, a chic bistro that very simply serves good local food, sourced from the surrounding farms and ranches on the island.

Hawai`i Island grass fed beef makes for an outstanding Blue Bay burger; fresh fish is always on the menu. Crisp and tender lettuces, tomatoes, beets, fennel and other vegetables from island farms go into appetizing salads created by chef Joshua Ketner. The kalua pork sandwich is a signature here, often sold out by the end of the lunch hour. Brews fromMehana in Hilo and Kona Brewing Co. are served, in keeping with the “local sourcing” theme. Hilo Bay Café is all about mostly local, mostly organic, fresh and very delicious food.
315 Makaala St. • 808 935-4939
Daily 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.