From the Soil to the Soul:


Epicurean Introductions
By Mathieu P. DeRaspe

It’s a rare thing indeed when we pause to truly embrace the moment of which we are a part. A mere 168 hours
in a week seems far too little time to manage work and a household and still fashion some semblance of leisure.
Activities that were once at the core of cultural values fall by the wayside, and the time when family and friends
would gather over delicious food and drink to share in the happenings of life become the exception rather than
the rule.

Hoping to change that is A. J. DeRaspe, a personal chef and nutritionist on the north shore of Kauai who
has made his passion for food and bringing people together into a career, one client at a time.

“I realized I wanted to be a working connection between consumers and farmers, as well as provide an exceptional
atmosphere for the enjoyment of food,” says the 28-year-old native of Maine.

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After receiving his culinary arts degree in 2003, A. J. traveled extensively throughout Europe, applying his
academic know-how in Austria, Greece, Italy, France and Spain. Today he melds exotic cuisine from different
regions in North Shore homes, his client list reading like a red carpet event, including Jack Black,Matt Damon,
Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr. and Pierce Brosnan.

Creating delectable food is only the beginning for an epicurean like A. J. “The Garden Island of Kaua`i has
unique assets. Its organic farming community, coastal fisheries and natural flora provide people with a microbiotic
system that brings unity to gastronomy, a luxury not to be taken lightly.”

He creates the menus, pairs the wines, meticulously assembles sautés and serves multicourse meals all in the
comfort of your home (or vacation rental). He leaves his clients with their appetites satiated and with a lesson
in nutrition as well.

His growing company, Foraging Fork, finds economical ways to locate the freshest produce, develops direct
relationships with local farmers and fishermen and develops techniques for preparing the abundance of
fresh gourmet products this amazing garden isle provides. For bookings, questions and further information visit or call 808-635-5865.