Pohole Fern Salad


By Chef Dan Fiske
Yields 6 salads

2 bunches of fresh pohole ferns (Make sure ferns are green with no black or brown on them.)
2 ears sweet corn
1 pint cherry tomatoes
½ Maui onion (or Vidalia onion)
1½ Meyer lemons
Peanut oil
Sea salt
1 Breadfruit (Green and hard is best.)

Pour 3 cups peanut oil in a small pot and turn heat on low to medium. With the oil you will be making crispy breadfruit chips.

While oil is heating up: Clean two bunches of pohole ferns by picking the tendrils off of the stem and soaking them in cold water. In a separate bowl chop the cherry tomatoes in half, juilienne the Maui onion. Husk the corn and cut the kernels off the cob. Then sweat the corn in a sauté pan with peanut oil to bring out the sugars. Let cool, and add to the tomatoes and Maui onion.

Cut the breadfruit as if segmenting an orange; cut the bottom and top off so the breadfruit can sit flat, then cut down along the fruit to remove any green, while keeping its natural round shape. Quarter the fruit, slice small chips and then cut into strips. Your breadfruit is ready to become chips

Once oil is hot, you’re ready to make breadfruit chips. Note: If your oil is smoking it is too hot and will burn your chips. Put a small handful of breadfruit strips into the oil. They are ready and crispy when they stop bubbling. Pull from the oil and let dry on a paper towel; season with salt. Repeat method until you have 6 small handfuls of breadfruit crispy and ready to eat.

Drain your pohole ferns and combine them into the other bowl. Squeeze 1½ juicy Meyer lemons into the bowl, add 2 tablespoons sea salt, 3 tablespoons peanut oil and handtoss the salad for 3–5 minutes, until it is fully seasoned. Take handful of salad and place on your plate; pour juice from bowl onto salad. Top with breadfruit chips and it’s ready to eat.

Note: Play with your ratio of salt and lemon to your desired taste. Don’t forget, the sweet corn and breadfruit will counterbalance these flavors.