Wild Boar Ragout


3 pounds shoulder of wild boar
1 large carrot, peeled, large dice
2 stalks celery, large dice
1 large Spanish onion, large dice
4 cloves garlic
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon whole peppercorns
3 sprigs rosemary
3 sprigs thyme
1 750ml bottle red wine
4 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and pepper, to taste
1 quart beef stock

Clean excess fat and skin off wild boar and cut into 1 inch cubes. appropriate size chunks.

Mix meat with large dice carrots, celery, onions, garlic, bay leaf, peppercorns, rosemary and thyme in mixing bowl.

Cover mixture with red wine. Let mixture marinate, for 48 hours.

Remove meat from marinade and place in separate pan; pat dry and season with salt and pepper.

Remove other ingredients from wine and place in another pan.

Place wine in a small saucepot and cook on stove (medium heat). When wine is about to boil, skim the mixture off with a ladle. Remove wine from heat and reserve liquid.

In a large pot, brown wild boar in oil. When done, remove, add other ingredients from marinade to pot and sweat for 5 minutes. Add wild boar back to pot with other ingredients and reserved red wine; cook till wine is almost dry in
pot. Add beef stock and cook on low heat till wild boar is tender, about 1½ to 2 hours. Add more beef stock or water if needed. Remove wild boar from liquid and strain; discard vegetables and aromatics, reserving braising liquid.

Reduce braising liquid on stove by ½ and season with salt and pepper. Return wild boar to liquid and serve with pasta or boiled potatoes.