edible Aloha

It’s all about the travel, the food and the people.

 As the Founder and Publisher for seven years of the James Beard Award Winning publication edible Hawaiian Islands, I have developed a strong sense of supporting all things local in the Hawaiian Islands. During this process, the topics have had a broad range: from chefs, restaurants, travel, events, recipes, food security, ag tourism, to people and the wonderful things they are doing in their communities.

With bases in Hawaii and NYC/East Hampton, with readers from around the world, not to mention the extensive travel we do; there is a lot to share. From the food scene and what’s local in the Hawaiian Islands, to reporting on our travels through the US and places as far away as Bhutan, we will be spreading Aloha everywhere.

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Gloria Cohen

In the Hawaiian language, Aloha is used in many ways. Most common is hello and good byeAloha is also used to mean love, to share, to express compassion and sympathy.Edible Aloha is about sharing knowledge and experiences, our mission is to share Aloha with everyone we meet along the way. 

Edible Aloha lives on the internet, and is not at this time paper publication.