Last Dinner in San Sebastián #ARZAK

This journey the past six weeks has been filled with culinary surprises, ARZAK is no exception. This family house has been in the forefront of innovation through contrasting eras for more then 100 years.


My food arrived on this screen in montion….

This is plate after I ate everything. (Video coming soon)

This exquisite restaurant or house as they call it is run by Elena and her father Juan Mari Arzak. We were delighted that Elena was there to greet us, whith her charm and grace, she asked if she could adjust our menu choices, so that we would have a better understanding of what has been built here.

A signature cuisine with a distinct personality, there is obvious attention paid the Basque roots of this cuisine, they the family feels strongly about protecting. While at the same time, research is a critical factor to this creative, evolutionary cusine, not a cuisine which dies of success, but a cuisine which needs to continuously moving forward to avoid becoming stale. This is truly an avant garde cuisine, respecting it’s Basque heritage.

Potato simmered in olive oil, covered with amaranth seeds and a galette of cacao with sauce of tomato and peppers.
Mango dumpling filled with Basque sausage (Chorizo) mixed with sultan raisins and sauce of tonic water. Therefore the crushed tonic water can used to serve this amazing tidbit.
Cod fish marinated in beetroot juice with chive seeds & lettuce with truffle oil.

I am only going to give you a little sample of photos, as I’ll be covering ARZAK in a feature article very soon.


Arzak from Gloria Cohen on Vimeo.

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