“Local Green Cuisine”

“Local Green Cuisine” became the theme of my culinary adventure when I was asked to prepare the menu for the Maui Agricultural Design Conference this past September. At Hale Akua Garden Farm, I received bushels of locally grown organic fruits, lemons, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, avocados, coconuts, honey, potatoes, taro, eggs, venison, local beef, goat cheese and a squash so big it scared me!

On my first day, my little car weighted down, I was completely uplifted by the aromatic scent of 70 fresh pineapples from a local farmer. Later, when I cut a few of them for guests, their faces beamed and “mmm’s” were heard, as they bit into the fruit, just picked that morning. The tone was set, because all the food was that fresh. This is what fresh and local will do for you: It will awaken your senses to the bounty of luscious foods that these islands give us.  What a difference “fresh” makes!

While sourcing coffee, chocolate, potatoes and macadamia nuts from the other islands, I watched my menu take shape. The theme of the conference was, “healthy, abundant and local,” so I was asked to make our breakfasts hearty and bountiful, steering away from the traditional cereal, yogurt and bagels. As a raw “living food” expert, with an added focus on cooked and cultured foods, I was having fun. We started each morning with coffee. Cafe Cacao was served: coffee, dark chocolate powder, local honey and a dash of chili flakes.  Who can think of breakfast without thinking of pancakes? Remember those 70 pineapples? What a way to start the day!

Finding a way to use all those veggies and get our recommended five-a-day was easy: a green smoothie. Trust me, there are endless varieties that are fresh, delicious and simple to make.

Frittata or Quiche Hawaiian style, why not? Moloka‘i Sweet Potatoes, infused with sweet Maui onions and coconut oil combine to make a sweet, savory crust for this unique Frittata. Cilantro, spinach, red peppers, a hint of cayenne, and fresh local eggs make this dish luscious.

Try fresh, local produce for your health or try it for the taste—but most of all, try it!

Susan “Chef Teton” Campbell is the author of Essential Cuisine, a six-disc DVD series of 23 lively cooking shows with a focus on raw, cooked and cultured food. A companion book accompanies the DVD series.


Moloka`i Sweet Potato Frittata

Pineapple Upside-Down Pancakes

Ginger Pineapple Green Smoothie

Café Cacao