Letter of Aloha Winter 2010-11

With this issue, the first in the New Year of 2011, I am reminded of the mission of edible Hawaiian Islands and why I do what I do. Our Islands in the past were all about local; it is my passion to keep encouraging this.

We all need to appreciate the value of local, seasonal, authentic foods and the many culinary traditions that exist in the Hawaiian Islands.  I hope you will read the stories in each issue and get to know those who grow, fish, produce, cook and sell all of what these islands have to offer.

What’s new at edible Hawaiian Islands for 2011? Who is the publisher and editor-in-chief of EHI, who is behind it all? I generally keep rather private and behind the scenes, but I have had an overwhelming request to come forward. Well, OK: Under much pressure I’ve decided to include my photo as many publications do, so you can now put a face to edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine, and when you write to me you know whom you are writing to.  Another thing I love about the first issue of each year is that we have our Local Hero Awards winners. You voted in your communities, and here they are. Be sure to visit them and personally deliver well-deserved congratulations.

FARM/FARMER: Coastview Aquaponics, Hawai‘i Island

CHEF/RESTAURANT: Ed Kenney (Town & Downtown), O‘ahu GOURMET/RETAIL: Jim Moffat (Living Foods Market), Kaua‘i

FOOD ARTISAN: Naked Cow Dairy, O‘ahu

BEVERAGE ARTISAN: Maui Brewing Co., Maui

NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION: Malama Kaua‘i Wishing you, your family and friends a healthy and happy New Year.

A hui hou,

Gloria Cohen
Publisher/Editor in Chief