notable edibles Winter 2012


A new edible school garden has just been planted at Lana‘i High and Elementary School. The garden is more than a step in the right direction for education and the future; it is the first school garden on Lana‘i. This program will teach kids about health and where their food comes from, and support sustainability and food security. Unique events are planned for the future. Call Lisa Galloway or Bridgette Beatty at 808-565-7900.


Kumu Farms is more than an organic farm. It’s a local business that is community-minded and forwardthinking. They employ over 30 families on this remote island. Additionally they send extra produce to Maui Food Bank each week and educate the community about eating healthful local foods. Tuesday through Friday 9am–4pm they offer a “Farmers Market in the Field,” meaning you go right to the farm for fresh picked produce.


Pineapple Grill at Kapalua Resort offers award-winning Pacific Island cuisine at breakfast, lunch and dinner. To make guests feel right at home, Chef Luckey’s Home-Style Breakfast Menu features fresh Maui fruit such as chunks of Maui Gold pineapple and wedges of sweet papaya. The main breakfast menu is about scrambles, hash selections and Benedicts. There’s something for everyone at any time, it’s local and it’s good. Pineapple Grill is open daily. 808-669–9600;


Cultivate Kauai has Katie Paul on the move in all they right ways. She sources fresh products from small farms all over Kaua‘i, then distributes directly to chefs, restaurants and businesses on Kaua‘i the same day the food is harvested … usually within a few hours. Nothing compares to the quality and freshness. She takes time to find out what her customers need and then works directly with the farmers to fill that need. Katie, we love your style! 808-639-6016

Hawai‘i Island

Kahumoku ‘Ohana Music & Lifestyle Workshop. Meals are more delicious when you plant, harvest, cook and share your own food. How about when you add music? Join our friend Keoki Kahumoku in Ka‘u—the east side of Hawai‘i Island—as he shares his secrets of pig hunting, imu and local food preparations while sitting by a fire playing music under the stars. This workshop is a place that inspires, teaches and creates new values for life. Visit or call Keoki at 808-938-6582.


Morning Glass Coffee—I was in search of a farmers’ market when I found this gem in a quiet residential area known as Manoa Valley, an older, well-kept community just minutes from the downtown Honolulu. These folks make a great cup of coffee. Each cup is fresh ground and made to order. Menu items include homemade baked goods like coconut ginger scones and breakfast items that are mostly locally sourced: fresh eggs, Shinsato pork and Ma‘o greens. 808-673-0065;